It will happen here in the USA Correction.

It will happen here in the USA Correction. It is happening here in LA (New Orleans & delta), FL (Miami area), Texas (Houston), CA (Paradise), etc. Maybe even in NJ, where Hurricane Sandy changed some circumstances.

Putin is aware of this, but prefers that Americans pretend it isn't happening in any locale known to them, as that lack of preparation will create maximum hardship for Americans. This strategy is alluded to in [ ] (Despite Trump and Putin’s Climate Change Skepticism, Russia Moves for Sustainability by Angelo Pennati) from which we excerpt the concluding paragraph:

"It is, in all honesty, a peculiar sensation to witness a globally conservative giant like Russia move towards ecological, social and economic sustainability with such apparent dedication...Russia’s concrete efforts towards sustainability seem slightly out of place. Nevertheless, they seem to be absolutely legitimate, and even fan stories from the World Cup seem to hold little other than positivity. As such, Russia, at least on paper, seems to be moving in a much more sustainably favorable direction than the United States, both in words and action. A peculiar imbalance for two massive geo-political players with evident mutual interest."

The "peculiar imbalance" could also be cited as evidence of Putin's political strategy to weaken the USA. The "imbalance" favors Russia. As Russia prepares, climate change denial weakens the USA. How "peculiar!"



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