Global Warming Traced Back to 1900!

 The Trees Tell Us...
From Brook Mitchell/Getty Images
The latest from Bob Berwyn, InsideClimate News:
"Global warming has been fueling droughts since the early 20th Century, when soils started drying out at the same time across parts of North and Central America, Eurasia, Australia and the Mediterranean, new research shows...
"...Many of the areas expected to dry out as the planet continues to warm are centers of agricultural production, and some could become permanently arid.
"...[Researchers] estimated soil moisture trends by analyzing tree ring records from around the world, each reflecting the local hydroclimate conditions year to year. Tree ring records dating back hundreds of years showed the drought patterns before humans started affecting the climate with greenhouse gas emissions, forest clearing and large-scale agriculture. The researchers then compared the pre-industrial drought patterns with data from the 20th Century. That enabled them to separate human-caused drought patterns from the natural variability of the pre-industrial era.
"Computer modeling showed that the simultaneous drying across disparate regions could only have been caused by global warming."


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