Dirty Donnie's Report Card

Report Card 
Donald J. Trump & His CONgregation of Trump Worshipers 
V. Poo Tin
updated 11 December 2020
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Proverbs 11:14:
"For lack of guidance a nation fails, but victory is won through many advisers.”

Dirty Donnie & CONgregation,

Below is your evaluation. Your friends, Communist dictators Xi Jinping and Kim Jong-un and our own dear Vladimir Putin (our dear Poo) all look forward to working with you as our puppet to achieve the following:


Make the world safe for autocracy by defeating
the United States of America and its democracy.
Еще четыре года!


Weaken the United States as a global power by destroying US alliancesA+ 
Great job, Dirty! US allies no longer trust the US. America's enemies (like us) will soon be able to isolate the US while you assist by destroying your country's reputation as a great leader and world power. While your recent decision to desert your Kurdish allies has boosted your grade to perfection here, we could just as well have cited our control over your Ukraine policy!
There is now ample evidence the world no longer listens to the Disunited States for leadership. Thanks to you, Dirty Donnie, the USA has lost its moral leadership and the world will be less safe for everybody.

Disunite the States by encouraging internal conflict, division and disbelief in news media that is not controlled by Trump operatives
Excellent progress here. You need to encourage more division and dispute among Democratic Party activists. Federally encouraged discrimination against targeted groups and individuals would also be effective. Regional and racial differences need exaggeration, too. On the other hand, your use of deflection is excellent, though trite. Trump administration control over foxy news outlets is clever and effective. Your idiotic tweets 🦨💨 are legendary, Dirty! JP & the section leaders at your Worship Services ("rallies") are doing a great job creating fear & hatred. Open collusion = "no collusion!" Trump is seditious, encourages Civil War.

Guarantee that the United States is not prepared for climate collapse or

How could you do better, Dirty?! While you deny the science the rest of the world accepts, you are heading government agencies with unqualified lobbyists for fossil fuel-burning industries. You have withdrawn from climate change treaties, increased the likelihood that Americans are breathing pollutants and drinking industrial poisons  and are sitting on your flabby fanny🥱 while Washington burns. Or sinks. Or whatever. Well done! As the financial markets tank, the interior US, many of them "red" states, will soon be overrun by climate refugees -- from New Jersey, Florida, Texas, Louisiana & other sinking coastal locales.

Now that the EPA is no longer enforcing the law, we can expect an acceleration of the US climate disaster as corporations cash in on the Covid-19 crisis.

Oh, and by the way, how are you dealing with coronavirus? About as one might expect from one who cares only for the stock market!

Cut off the "brain drain" to the US by treating immigrants with great suspicion and crueltyB
Good job disguising your activities here, though some of your attempts are quite obvious! Family separation is a great idea. A special salute to your guiding light, S&M.😈 His sadistic guidance is excellent. America is dumber already. Your shell game of moving children from one filthy internment camp to another seems to be working well to keep their suffering out of the public view. Your President of Vice has recently advanced this cause, as have changes in agency policy.

Cripple the American economic engine by substituting the Yuan or its cyber currency equivalent for the Dollar as the standard world currency.CThis is a few months in the future, but your arbitrary Tariffs and sanctions should do the trick eventually. As your tax cuts, prolific spending and your refusal to tax those who have the money (such as perhaps, you, Dirty😉) balloon the US deficit, China is already promoting the transition. There is some evidence the US economy is quietly deteriorating, but boss Poo looks forward to an acceleration of this decline as your sanctions promote Poo's goals rather than sound US policy.

Destroy the ability of Federal Agencies to serve the American taxpayer*A-Though incomplete, you are making good progress here with "Acting" heads and the publication of much derogatory propaganda since your installation. The abrupt removal of the USDA to Kansas from Washington should kill off agricultural research essential to feeding Americans. We also note you are destroying the BLM in similar fashion with forced relocations and that your worshipers in the Senate have proposed more such destructive actions. You have promoted political interference in Federal science. The organization known as PEER is keeping track of these matters.

In addition to some general bureaucrat bashing, Traitor Trump, you are doing everything you can to sabotage health care. 🚑Coronavirus Covid-19, the stock market crash of 2020 and the subsequent economic collapse are consequences of your actions, so we are upgrading you to an A- here! 

With the help of Moscow Mitch, your general practice of infesting agencies & the courts with vermin who work against the purpose of each agency from within shows cunning collaboration and coordination with major contributors to your campaign & with input from our dear Poo, too. Also noted is your ability to co-opt agencies to work for your personal benefit, rather than for the American taxpayer. You are doing this now with the Department of "Justice" while you attempt to blind American Intelligence operations.

Dirty, we commend you and your worshipers in the Senate for your attempt to destroy confidence in American elections. Your failure to support monitoring agencies such as the FEC, combined with your constant stream of lies about "rigged" elections, will eventually result in Americans losing confidence in the results of elections and likely democracy itself.

Encourage Americans to vote with guns, instead of ballotsB+More hate, please! 👺 Vulgarity,  🤬too! So far, we see no organized, armed opposition. Surely, that will come. We are pleased with your progress in this area, progress you have attempted to conceal. Yes, Dirty, you have encouraged hate organizations and violence whenever possible. Yes, you have attempted to prevent voters from casting ballots while promoting both military assault gun ownership and assault weapon use against fellow citizens. Yes, your campaign ads call for shooting your opponents. We understand that, according to the conservative Daily Caller, you will soon use the Insurrection act to direct "your" US military against "illegal immigrants," some of whom are US citizens. At every opportunity, you have disparaged, lied about🤥 or ignored the results of elections (except yours, of course). Following your example, your administration is welcoming foreign intervention in our elections. In light of your agent's recent success in killing Mexicans and US citizens in El Paso, we are raising your grade from B- to B+. Congratulations!

Hide all communications with our dear Poo behind a veil of official secrecy, outright lies, "Executive Privilege" and Non-Disclosure Agreements. Out our Russian informants. Resist the rule of law at every opportunity.
Dirty, you are a demented blabbermouth! 🗣 You reveal your darkest motives involuntarily to your enemies, together with mission plans, objectives and state secrets.  Your tweets are more critical of you than your political opponents! Nonetheless, we appreciate the many private back-channels and couriers you have maintained between us and others.🙈🙉 Your puppet masters Putin, MBS, etc. look forward to giving you more instructions and advice on the sly. You are making considerable progress creating a police state. 👮 It's not collusion. It's not a conspiracy. It's all just "good luck" that our objectives are so very similar they could just as well be identical!

Adhere to the enemies of the USA, giving them aid and comfort within the United States and elsewhere.AThe majority of world leaders have been witness to your unprecedented, loyal and consistent progress in this regard. Dirty, your corruption is legendary, with over 1,000 conflicts of interest PER YEAR over your first 3 years in office!Your love 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨 for dictators,  fellow tyrants and their brutal policies has become legendary, even when they insult you. Your blatant disregard for the US Constitution is obvious. Poo and MBS in particular, wish to commend you for your nauseating performance. The enemies of American democracy everywhere salute you👏!

Overall evaluation BIncomplete, of course, is our effort to destroy the United States of America. However, your efforts, Dirty Donnie, show great promise and you may yet achieve our mutual, shared goal, though we caution you against claiming "executive privilege" to cover corruption. While we await the first outright defeat of American military power, ⚰️ perhaps in the Middle East, with great anticipation, we note that in the meantime, you have made Americans quite sick! You certainly have earned impeachment, but we hope for the sake of our conspiracy you will avoid removal from office with the help of politicians we have elected via our successful cyber war.

Sincerely, V. Poo Tin

Throughout your first term, Dirty, our dear Poo has been keeping careful track of your progress in reaching our mutual goals. Overall, he is quite pleased, as you have undoubtedly noted in his secret communications and public meetings with you. As per the video below, at least one broadcaster has noticed what is going on:

Joe Scarborough: Trump Is 'Actually Doing Vladimir Putin And Russia’s Bidding’ (while chanting "Obama, Obama, Obama" was "outsmarted" by Putin regarding Obama's foolish red line in Syria and the Crimea annexation.)

We look forward to further cooperation with your campaign team now and during the 2020 American Presidential election and will do everything we can to sow doubt about any result that shows Democratic candidates winning.

"45 es un titere" = 45 is a puppet. Money substituted for palm frond of peace, golf clubs replace arrows, Russian hammer/sickle emblems (poorly reproduced here) replace the stars on the flag chevron between the eagle’s wings and two-headed eagle is reminiscent of Russian Coat of Arms. Artist: . Merchandise available on artist's inktale site.
~ Out to Pasture ~

*Using the USDA and related agencies as an example:, here are some of the effects of Dirty Donnie's efforts to disband Federal programs. Updates added to the bottom of the list. Beware of cow paddies!
  1.  Eric Katz, Senior Correspondent, USDA Office Relocations Are Illegal, IG Say Agriculture Department counters that the spending law it allegedly violated is unconstitutional and therefore not binding, GovExec Today, 5 Aug 2019. 
  2. Rachael Maddow 10 Aug 2019: Mulvaney reveals true reason for shifting USDA employees (story begins at 2:23)
  3.  USDA screws its employees out of their promised severance: USDA Slashes Buy-Out Payments for Scientific Agency Employees By 60%  "Employees of research agencies have less than a week to decide whether to accept $10,000 voluntary separation payments, despite being offered upwards of $25,000 in June."
  4.  USDA attempts to fill positions with retirees /
  5.  Senate panel will not block USDA relocation in spending bill
  6.  Impact! Here’s How a USDA Science Agency’s Relocation Will Reduce Its Productivity
  7.  Follow House Agriculture subcommittees' hearings (video)
  8.  Out to Pasture: an update on the USDA move, November 2019
  9.  Few BLM employees (like maybe 15%?) relocating as per similar USDA pattern
  10.  An executive order is eliminating 2 existing federal regulations for every new regulation proposed. This will eventually destroy Federal regulatory authority.
  11.  EPA pollutes with coal ash, again!
  12. Emails Reveal U.S. Justice Dept. Working Closely with Oil Industry to Oppose Climate Lawsuits
  13.  Interior Still Threatening to Deny Incentives to Employees It Has Relocated West
  14.  No accident: USPS still under attack.
  15.  FOX! in BLM henhouse. Pendley Destroying BLM from Within.
  16. EPA officials have no ethics.
  17. Have a glass of poison! Trump has just increased your odds of foul drinking water.
  18. Trump is maneuvering to encourage segregated neighborhoods & housing
  19. Conscientious Federal employees are having a rough time in court, thanks to Trump.
  20. EPA's Science Advisory Board attacked again.
  21. Traitor Trump: We can hear you coming! 
  22. Traitor Trump kills Federal worker enthusiasm by attacking wages.
  23. Progress noted by enemies of the USA 
  24. Federal Elections Commission rendered inoperative !
  25. Where did they go? 1/2 of Interior Dept. employees now MIA! 
  26. Crippled USDA tries to deal with Covid-19 & food safety
  27. National Forests to be mined, exploited, decimated.
  28. Meanwhile, in the arena of foreign policy, Russian agent Trump is achieving the goals set for Him by Vladimir Putin.
  29. Here's what Trump is doing as He leaves office

The US Joint Chiefs of Staff has issued a definitive look at Russian aggression within American society. "Russian Strategic Intentions" (May 2019) backs up much of the "fiction" displayed on this site. We wish it were "fake news." But it is not.

In April 2020 "Our Changing Climate" posted this video on the #Trump conspiracy:

What can you do? Deprogram a Trump worshiper:

Why should you act?
Consider the consequences of a 2nd Trump term!

Read Jeff Diver's answer to Why is Trump cutting off funding for the World Health Organization in the middle of a global pandemic? on Quora


Welcome to Scapegoating 101![1]

Scapegoating is the practice of singling out a person or group for unmerited blame and consequent negative treatment.”[2]

and consequent negative treatment.”[2]

#Trump and WHO both had difficulty getting up to speed on the Covid-19 pandemic. The WHO didn’t label Covid a pandemic until March 11[3] . Trump didn’t declare a national emergency in response to Covid until March 13[4] .

Both Trump and WHO were laggards. Their sluggish, tentative responses have caused several unnecessary deaths, particularly in the USA.

Blaming and defunding WHO serves no medical purpose. It will cause more worldwide suffering and perhaps more American deaths as well as the effects of Trump’s blame game funding reductions take hold.

It may serve a political purpose for Trump, however. It gives the false appearance that He is tough and doing something about an “enemy” of Trump. Actually, Trump has shown no leadership on Covid-19 at all.[5] [6] [7]

I wonder if this precipitated Trump’s latest stupid response:[8]

Here’s an observation that I could load up with quotes, but I’ll just let you see what I mean by giving you the Google search:

Trump can dish it out, but He can’t take it.[9]

[2] Scapegoating - Wikipedia
[3] WHO declares the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic - STAT

[4] Proclamation on Declaring a National Emergency Concerning the Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Outbreak | The White House

[5] COVID-19: We had the warning but we lacked the leadership

[6] The Trump administration’s botched coronavirus response was years in the making

[7] Trump’s Ridiculous Behavior at Pandemic Briefings Baffles a Watching World

[8] COVID-19: WHO boss calls for 'honest' leadership from US, China

[9] trump can dish it out but he can't take it


(Warning: In some ways, this may be a work of  "fiction." Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a speculative manner to some degree. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely "coincidental." For the latest supporting documentation see our Facebook feed.) 🍔


  1. Re: Destroy the ability of Federal Agencies to serve the American taxpayer:

    How are the Putin/Trump conspirators doing? Here's one report: https://www.govexec.com/workforce/2019/06/trumps-latest-controversial-immigration-appointee-already-clashing-his-workforce/158098/

  2. Please grade Dirty Donnie on his skills at recognizing the climate collapse that is occurring. Thanks.

    1. Good thought! He would most certainly flunk in grand style. From Putin's point of view, which is "reported" here, however, that same lack of action would be rated "A" because it weakens the US more than countries that are taking steps to protect their infrastructure from drought, rising seas, etc. Let me see what I can add to Dirty Donnie's Report Card.


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