Sars Strains Pose New Threats


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“The” new strain is just a variation on Covid-19, not a new virus deserving of a brand new name.[1] Unfortunately, it’s not alone. It has relatively new companions, fellow-travelers, one of which may be of special interest to youthful readers.

As of the end of December 2020, there are now several variations[2] on the original Covid-19. The virus is going to mutate at its pace, not ours, it seems.

  1. British strain (B117): This is the one most folks are concerned about today, not only in Great Britain, but also Europe and the USA. Its specific characteristics make it prone to easier person-to-person transmission, but it does not seem to cause more severe disease or more death. So far, vaccines appear to be just as effective against this strain as earlier strains, but tests continue:[3]
  2. Danish strains: The virus that causes Covid-19 crossed species to infect Denmark’s thousands of Mink. This could be a very dangerous strain if it crosses back into humans with lots of mutations. All of Denmark’s Mink are being killed in order to protect humans.[4] The developers of the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines so far indicate these should protect against this strain. Time will tell. Meanwhile, yet another Danish strain has been announced: (N439K) Vaccine effectiveness against this strain is unknown.
  3. South African strain (501.V2): For young adults the world over, this strain is of special concern. It appears to be both more infectious[5] and more harmful to people in the first half of life.[6]
  4. Brazil (B.1.1.28), Malaysia (A701V), Nigeria (P681H): These are all brand new discoveries as of this writing. We have little information on them yet.[7]

Posted Sunday, 27 December 2020 is this video companion of the popular podcast "Coronavirus Today with Dr Brian McDonough," which deals with your question in its opening segment:

The best way to prevent further mutations is to prevent more infections. Masking, distancing, hand washing and staying away from large groups in small interior spaces especially are effective measures against all strains of Covid-19.

Vaccinated or not, stay safe by taking these precautions!



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