Covid-19 Vaccines are NOT Magnetic: find your magnetic personality elsewhere!


What will happen when those magnetized by the covid vaccine go in for an MRI? What about those who wear pacemakers? Will the magnetism in themselves or others affect an ICD?
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Barbara Rush,

As a “Former Legal Research Specialist; Brief Writer at Various Law Firms1978–2019,” (from your Quora profile) perhaps you can tell us if there is a legal penalty somewhere that might punish somebody for publishing a deliberate lie about the supposed “magnetic” effects of “the covid vaccine” (any of them, evidently, though all 51 are different)[1]with the intent to deceive and scare the general public away from life-saving medical treatment.

Perhaps you think this is all a big joke?

As your link could have told you, had you bothered to investigate, nobody is going to be magnetized by getting vaccinated with any of the Covid-19 vaccines.[2]

Facts about COVID-19 Vaccines
What you need to know about COVID-19 vaccines and the common myths and misconceptions about COVID-19 vaccination.

From the above link, here is what the CDC has to say about your lie:

In other words, your so-called “question” is nothing more than schoolhouse gossip. It repeats a malicious rumor designed to scare gullible unvaccinated people away from life-saving vaccines in the midst of a pandemic.

Now that you know the truth, how about publishing it?


(image credit: CDC)



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